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Do I need a sump pump?

If your home has a basement or a crawl space, a good sump pump is an excellent investment to protect your foundation and your home from problems now and in the future. Without a drainage system and a sump pump, groundwater will accumulate around your foundation, putting pressure against the foundation walls, which may weaken them structurally. During heavy rains, water may leak into your basement or flood it, or get into your crawl space and form puddles on the floor. Wet basements and crawl spaces have very high Relative Humidity Levels and are often a breeding ground for mold and dust mites.

What is the best sump pump for my basement?

The best sump pump for your basement is one that is capable of handling any groundwater even during the rainy season and snow melt. The Sump Pump Geeks will inspect your basement and crawl space for free, and based on their findings recommend the right sump pump for your home.

How do I choose the right sump pump for my basement?

When choosing a sump pump it is important to know how much power it has, how many gallons of water it can pump per hour, whether it has mechanisms that prevent it from overheating and shutting down and a working float switch that will not tangle. The sump pit choice and discharge line is also important.

How to keep the sump pump working when the power is out?

The storms that flood basements tend to knock off power. For that reason it is a good idea to have a battery backup sump pump to pick up the tab when the main sump is out of commission.

Do I need a backup sump pump?

Unless you have a whole house generator to keep things running during power outages it is an exceptionally good idea to have at least one battery backup sump pump system. Sump Pump Geeks offer single and dual battery backup systems that will help protect your basement

I have a working sump pump, but my basement is still wet. Why?

There are many reasons why a basement may have a working sump pump and still be wet. Those include:

  • The sump pump is not powerful enough to handle all the water coming in.
  • The sump liner or sump basin is too small to contain all the water, so the basin overflows.
  • The drainage system is clogged or collapsed.
  • The sump pump was not installed in the lowest corner of the basement
  • The drainage systems was not installed with the correct pitch to divert all the water to the sump pump.
My sump pump is churning but not pumping any water. Why?

This may be caused by a glitch related to the float switch. It is not turning the pump off when the sump basin is empty.

Why is my sump pump running so often?

That often happens because there is more water coming in. If you aren’t getting more rain than usual, there might be changes in the water table caused by nearby construction, changes in the city wastewater system, etc.

My sump pump is running hot.

During periods of heavy rain, overworked sump pumps will run a little hot, even though they are submerged in the basin with cool water running through them. A good sump pump, like the ones offered by Sump Pump Geeks, will not run hot as often and will be designed to prevent overheating and burnout.

My sump pump is not kicking in.

Check to see if it was not accidentally unplugged or if the circuit breaker was not tripped. Check the float switch to make sure it is operating freely and not tangled or obstructed by debris. If these do not solve the problem, call the Sump Pump Geeks for service.

My sump pump is running non-stop.

This usually happens when the float switch malfunctions. Call the Sump Pump Geeks for service.

My sump pump smells

If your sump pump basin doesn’t have a lid, debris and even small animals can fall in and start to smell. Standing water in the pit can also allow smelly bacteria to grow.  If your sump pit does have a lid, the smell might be caused by the groundwater getting mixed with wastewater or sewage from the surrounding areas. Nothing that the Sump Pump Geeks cant diagnose and fix, so just reach out!

Healthy Basement & Healthy Crawl Space Certificate

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The iBasement System and Crawl Space System Certificates were created using specific sets of criteria to provide a healthy indoor living environment. Air pollutants and excessive moisture levels in the basement or crawl space can negatively impact the odors in the home as well as cause health problems with those who live there year-round - including yourself!

We offer 6 levels of iBasement Certificates, and 5 levels of Crawl Space Certificate, each designed to solve specific problems and protect your home, family, and property value on the long run.

Steps towards a healthy basement and a Nationally Backed Warranty.

All of our Healthy Basement / Crawl Space Contractors are trained and certified.

iBasement™ Systems Levels

Steps towards a healthy crawl space and a Nationally Backed Warranty.

All of our Healthy Basement / Crawl Space Contractors are trained and certified.

Crawl Space Systems Levels

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Creating Healthier Homes, One Basement at a Time!

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